back to article Cambridge boffins bag big-time backers for White Space standard

Neul, the Cambridge White Space start-up staffed by some of the UK's top radio boffins, has managed to pick up some serious backers for its new Weightless protocol. A new special interest group backed by ARM, CSR and Vodafone-owned Cable & Wireless Worldwide will be pushing the UK to the forefront of M2M, plugging everything …


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I look forward to the day...

When I walk into the kitchen to find the toaster and fridge freezer chatting, then discovering I can't open the fridge because the wife has had a word about my diet! OK I'll settle for some toast.... what? no toast! Come on guys!!!!

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A problem

So called "White Space" is a myth and will simply cause interference to other (non-whitespace) users.

However the standard and Protocols may be of use on bands licensed for it.

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