back to article EMC offers a somewhat more Hurricane Sandy proof array

EMC's array-virtualising and federating VPLEX product now supports vMotion workload flow between active-active data centres up to 200km (a little over 125 miles) apart, twice as far as before. VPLEX is a box, running the Geosynchrony OS, that sits on front of an array and communicates with another VPLEX box sitting in front of …


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Pedantry in a humorous vein

Sent to me and I couldn't resist posting it here:-

Dear Mr. Mellor,

I realize it is a bit of a quibble, but shouldn't that be 'about 125 miles', 'a bit under 125 miles', or (most accurately), 'a bit over 124 miles'?

I will restrain my pedantic metric tendencies, and not grumble about the different sizes of mile...

Anon - name withheld by me.

PMT is now an acronym for Pendantic Metric Tendencies :-)



Somewhat more Hurricane Sandy proof?

Really? I read that Sandy itself was around 1000 miles wide. That means EMC will need to double that twice more before you start to TOUCH on Sandy-proof. So I'd say not even somewhat more.

Anonymous Coward

Re: Somewhat more Hurricane Sandy proof?

I think the point the article is making is that your data can be active in two different places meaning you can avoid an outage when if whole DC goes down as a result of Sandy.....not that you can avoid the whole reach of hurricane Sandy.

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