back to article Mars rover Curiosity snaps explicit selfies from ALL ANGLES

Nuclear Mars truck Curiosity has paused in its scientific exploration of the Martian environment to snap a little self-portrait. Curiosity self-portrait at Rocknest in the Gale Crater Click for hi-res. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems The rover is on a mission to discover if Mars has ever been home to …


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  1. jai

    I took a selfy this morning - at least, I think it classifies. it was of a CCTV monitor on the train platform, showing the view from the camera that at that point was watching me, as I photographed the monitor. I got quite lost in the meta-existentialism of photographing something else that was photographing me at the same time that I almost missed my train

    So I can quite emphasis with Curiosity. It's gotta get a bit boring up there of mars, why not take a break, have a kitkat, and take a holiday snap of yourself :)

  2. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

    Am I missing something here?

    Or does there seem to be a lack of an arm actually holding the camera in the photograph - it appears to be free-floating and separate?

    When they said the Martian sand tasted like Hawaiian sand, they weren't dropping a conspiracy hint were they? Or did the rover ask a passing Martian to hold the camera and take a shot for him like any trusting tourist would?

    1. AdamT

      Re: Am I missing something here?

      I think it is because it is actually assembled from a lot of individual photos. Presumably for each individual photo they could keep the arm out of the way. Although it still seems a bit odd that there isn't some glitch in the image where that just wouldn't be possible.

      Anyway, another write up here also talking about the choices they had to make to map the whole thing into 2D:

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Am I missing something here?

        Well, that's what they SAY....

  3. Alan 6

    "see how worn its wheels are"

    And then dispatch a Kwif Fit chap to change the tyres I suppose...

    1. Alan 6

      Re: "see how worn its wheels are"

      "And then dispatch a Kwif Fit chap to change the tyres I suppose..."

      mmm, not sure what a Kwif Fit chap is, maybe Kwik Fit chap after the application of Brylcreem

  4. MrT

    That's got to be...

    ... the longest link posted - nearly a whole article.

    Followed by a much smaller one that disappointingly just links to another article. Oh well, back to browsing profile pics on Facecrack...

  5. Matt Bucknall

    What I want to know is...

    Who is that little man sitting inside the ChemCam? What is he doing and how did he get there?

    1. Zobbo
      Thumb Up

      Re: What I want to know is...

      Looks like Mr T. A step up from Panto in Scunthorpe I guess..

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Didn't realize there was an official name for what some prat I encountered on Regent Street a couple of days ago was doing. ******* irritating when trying to walk down a totally packed pavement to find the person in front of you is more interested in framing themselves against the view behind than walking in a steady pace or direction.

    1. NomNomNom

      Re: "selfies"

      where's the police when you need them? probably solving murders or some shit when there's a man on the pavement obstructing the flow of order.

  7. cashback

    "Click for hi-res" no worky ? Not for me on Chrome anyway.

    1. JaimieV

      Or Firefox.

      So here it is -

      1. JaimieV

        That's no bigger.

        This one's big.

        1. Pirate Dave

          Re: That's no bigger.

          Wow, I know there's not much atmosphere there, and absolutely no food for humans, but damn it would be cool to be there.

  8. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Is that the "fat rover" angle?

    Yes, I've already got my coat...

  9. Mr Young

    All the way to Mars...

    to do a doughnut and take photos! I love science

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