back to article Facebook’s “anti-bullying pledge” lands in Oz

Following a string of high-profile cases that have seen The Social NetworkTM roundly criticised by politicians, police and punters, Facebook has brought its “Be Bold, Stop Bullying” campaign to Australia. Flicking the problem to users, the campaign asks members to pledge that they’ll “take a stand” if they see bullying, and to …


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"pledges" != success

If clicking on a "pledge" is as easy as clicking on a "like", why would this be any different to the "KONY2012" campaign, or any other flash-in-the-pan click-button activision attempts? It seems almost insulting that facebook would use the same method of activism that a 12 year old would use on Facebook, despite having the power to do so much more.

Having said that, I fully expect facebook to claim success when people click on it, despite the inevitable streisand effect as people ramp up their trolling in response to it.


Total waste of time

Right up there with chastity pledges.

What stand are people suppose to take? The trolls want people to take a stand and get offended. Best defence is not to feed the trolls.


How about...

... a pledge along the lines of:-

I pledge to fight on-line bullying by terminating my use of Farcebook.

Probably end up being about as successful as the original idea.

Anonymous Coward

Don't like Facebook trolls?

Don't use social media.*

* not that I condone bullying.

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