back to article Seagate: Oh no, is my enterprise disk sales slip showing?

Seagate saw a 9.3 per cent slip in enterprise disk drive sales in its first fiscal 2013 quarter and revenues fell to $3.732bn compared to the previous quarter's $4.482bn. However, revenues were higher than the year-ago quarter's $2.8bn, when a profit of $140m was made. In the latest quarter profits were substantially higher at …


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It shits me how everything is ever increasing profit, profit, profit.....

Quarterly growth, sales figures etc., etc., etc.

Personally I don't give a flying fuck about Seagate because of the appalling build quality of their drives..

I would if their pox desktop cheap drives came with a minimum unconditional replacement of new for old, for 3 years on any new drives.

And their enterprise grade (???) drives came with a 5 years unconditional new for old replacement warranty.

But as it stands - shit being replaced with recycled shit - for only the first 12 months is no good to me.


Re: It shits me how everything is ever increasing profit, profit, profit.....

Thanks. You saved me the trouble of posting my own rant.

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Drive manufacturers.

A pox on them all. Well, Except Intel. Actually, their SSDs and RMA replacement policies have been awesome, and entirely worth the premium.

When the hell did INTEL become the enterprise DRIVE manufacturer to trust.

This world is upside down.


When large corporations that purchase hard drives by the trainful get a trainful of defective drives that company then has to spend resources and time replacing all of those drives that get installed.....and then they spend time and resources finding another supplier of enterprise quality drives.

When you don't have a meaningful SSD product and the industry has heavily bought off on using them.... then there's another meaningful supply you're not a part of.

Seagate spent a whole lot of money for maxtor and has nothing but manufacturing capacity for a crap product to show for it. Time for a lot of changes in management and vision.

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