back to article WinPho 8 fans now able to order HTC handsets

HTC's Windows Phone 8 range went up for pre-order today as the company prepares to flood the market with its 8X and 8S handsets this Friday. The brightly coloured blowers - announced last month - join the roster of WinPho 8 devices set to complement Microsoft's platform release this week. Unlike devices from Nokia and others, …


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  1. David Hicks

    400 quid?

    I'd wait a week and a half and grab the Nexus 4 for ~£280 (240 for the 8GB version)

  2. Jim Coleman

    Re: 400 quid?

    Can you remove Android from that and put WP8 on it?

  3. David Hicks

    Re: 400 quid?

    Why would you want to?

  4. Shagbag

    Re: 400 quid?

    Me too. Buy the Nexus 4 and blow the money saved on Chaz and Dave LPs.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: 400 quid?

    The main question is why would you pay 400 quid for a HTC phone you know is going to fall apart within six months.

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  7. twilkins
    Thumb Up

    Re: 400 quid?

    Good idea - actually, screw it I won't bother with a new phone, I'll blow all my money on Chaz and Dave LPs

  8. Stuart Ball

    This has put me in a real quandry. I want WP8, partly to be contrary, but my contract is up for renewal today. I wanted the Lumia 920 in tweetie pie yellow (contrary theme again), but still no firm release date, and now HTC tempt me with a snot green one...

    No Fair!

  9. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

    Nearly here...

    Black 920s are shipping now in France, with red and yellow as pre-orders.

    ("Dispo' Internet" == "available online") That's the French subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse,

    The HTC colours look nice, but I wonder are they paint-over-plastic rather than dyed-in like the Nokia's. Either way, the big draws for me to the Nokia are the low-light camera and the touchscreen you can use with gloves on.

  10. Eponymous Cowherd

    Weird, isn't it.....

    Who'd of thought there'd be a day when people would choose Microsoft software in order to be "contrary".

    The end of the World is truly nigh.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You do know all that footage was fake

    The 920 can't really do any of that stuff, it was done on a pro-shoot...

    I can't fathom any other reason why someone would want any Windows Phone 8.

  12. Paul Boocock (UK)
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    Available on EE

    The Lumia 920 is available on EE now. £19.99 for the device on a £46p/m contract.

    Should be available in stores on Friday too.

  13. Stuart Ball

    Re: Weird, isn't it.....

    It is an odd observation, but yes. Android and IOS are so prevalent that in order to be different and individual WP8 and HTC/Nokia colours is a way to express that individuality.

    Apple is no longer cool IMO, it's common, mainstream, mass market. You cannot be a premium brand if every bugger you see has one. Samsung for example, never tried to be a premium brand, again IMO, they wanted mass market numbers.

    So in order to be different, the only real standout differentiator is WP8, rightly or wrongly.

  14. hplasm Silver badge

    Re: Weird, isn't it.....

    So looking like a nerk is the new cool? Who knew?

    Timmy Mallet for fashion icon

  15. Mike Taylor

    Re: Weird, isn't it.....

    As someone who ended up with WP7.5 more-or-less by a mistake - somewhat fuelled by a desire to have as many different environments to hand - I'm lucky enough to have an evidence based opinion. I have ios / bb / android / maemo devices.

    WP feels completely different, it's UI is simple, but very alive, something that none of the others seem to manage. ios feels dull and passive in comparison. I very much like the 'live' tiles, photos changing, information, tweets, status etc. I like the integration of apps (and dammit, I like the choice of apps too, only one I'm missing is words with friends - but all the ones I use are there - evernote, mapping - lots - vnc, ssh, running stuff, internet radio, astronomy apps, etc.). Next time I'm looking for a pad, Surface (or whatever) will be a true contender.

    Can't see me moving away from linux desktops though.

  16. Philip Lewis

    Re: Weird, isn't it.....

    Wait, I will just rip out my cool blue N9 :D

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Windows Phone - No Thanks.

    Do they have any Jellybean handsets I can buy?

  18. Robert E A Harvey

    SD slot

    It appears the cheap one has a memory card slot, and the dearer one doesn't. How very peculiar.

    [BFO ? icon]

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Nokia releases phones with "hard" edges and corners and "in your face" colour scheme to match the "in your face" colour scheme of WinPho.*

    HTC follows suit.

    Do the Asian producers have 1 original idea between them, or are they simply incapable of that?

    While these are not copies in any sense, it is clear that they have taken their cue from MicrOkia. Bizarrely they are following the lead of the least successful phone range in history (hyperbole, but you get the idea).

    *Ok, The N9 tested the water with pink and blue, but I digress.


  20. Richard 81

    Now I could be wrong, but their striking similarity makes me think it's a look MS has agreed on with its hardware partners. Maybe they want Apple-like consistency.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Makes for a change from the White for girls black for boys iPhone (personal observation only, ymmv)

  22. An ominous cow herd

    RE: "2.1Mp front-facing camera, able to capture up to four people in a frame"

    That's going to make wedding photo shoots a strenuously long job (depending on the couple's social skills, anyway)...

  23. Richard 81

    Re: RE: "2.1Mp front-facing camera, able to capture up to four people in a frame"

    What happens if 5 people stand within the frame? Does one of them just not show up?

  24. Moktu

    I'm considering getting one.

    My personal contract is up for renewal, Now I have a much loved Galaxy Note on that SIM at the moment, but as a standby phone they certainly look the biz.

    It's either one of these or a Lumina 920.

  25. Richard 81

    Re: I'm considering getting one.

    Wouldn't you want your standby phone to also be an Android handset, so you can access all your Googley bits?

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: I'm considering getting one.

    >so you can access all your Googley bits?

    no need, the hole I cut in pocket works just fine!

  27. Moktu

    Re: I'm considering getting one.

    I have a "spare" Galaxy Note as well :sheepish grin::

    I want a bright red handset for a spare.... Who am I kidding? I want a Lumina 920 but the wife would kill me....

    MUST RESIST bright coloured shiny....

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