back to article Head of Facebook EMEA tentacle to become Tech City UK chief

London's Tech City has poached a top Facebook VP to become its new CEO. In what is seen as a coup for the Tech City Investment Organisation, Joanna Shields, VP and Managing Director of Facebook Europe, Middle East and Africa has now taken up the £115,000-a-year CEO job. The work will involve her pushing forward Tech City's key …


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  1. Richard Taylor 2 Silver badge


    So, no tech, poor location (cost, accessibility, talent) - where does this administration think they are - or maybe what are they smoking? Not that the last lot were any better.

  2. Jonathon Green

    I'm surprised Steve Bong hasn't had anything to say about this. Has anyone at the Reg approached him for a comment yet?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's Monday AM - the Bongster will still be deciding which pair of baggy crotched low-rider strides to put on before heading off for a chai latte (with skinny soya milk and mashmallow sprinkles) at Starbucks.

  4. James 51 Silver badge
    IT Angle

    I'd do it for £110,000.

  5. Swarthy Silver badge


    That's actually a really reasonable salary for a CEO-type job, if not a bit low.

  6. Mr Anonymous

    Re: £115K

    I thought the Tories were supposed to be saving taxpayers money or is that only making savings on pleb level wages and lower?

  7. Swarthy Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Re: £115K

    Is this a govie position? I wasn't certain from the article, and being on the wrong side of the pond I'm not familiar with the current spate of Quangos or government-owned companies.

  8. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Re: £115K

    For London it is very low which begs the question: did she walk [from Facebook] or was she pushed? Then again, isn't some deadline approaching for selling Facebook shares? and TCIO could be some kind of tax-efficient bouncy castle landing on her way back to Merka.

  9. Ledswinger Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Re: £115K@swarthy

    You're right that it is low for a CEO position, but there's the rub: This is just a title. There's diddly squat to be in charge of, and just a (probably) government funded travel and expenses budget to burn through, and no accountability.

    Who's pocket do we think that £115k plus comes out of?

    a) The tech sector who hope to benefit

    b) David Cameron's ermine lined pocket

    c) Mine and yours,lined with lint and Aldi receipts

  10. Mr Anonymous

    Front page their website: The Tech City Investment Organisation was established by UKTI to support the growth of the tech cluster in East London.

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