back to article SanDisk jolted out of flatline after Q3 flash storage shock

SanDisk is putting its poor first and second quarter results behind it, as the flash storage supplier returns to selling stuff customers want and starts growing revenues and profits again. A total of $1.27bn in revenue came in in SanDisk's third calendar 2012 quarter, with net income of $77m. Comparing it with the year-ago …


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Sandisk... aren't they the dickheads that put that U3 shit on USB sticks? Where you need a real Windows PC (virtual one won't do) to get rid of it? Or has that changed?

Fuck 'em. I hope they drown.

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Re: U3

They were, but they don't do it any more.


Wait, ReRAM needs EUV litho?

Did that claim surprise anyone else?

That would seem to be a pretty big barrier to ReRAM adoption, considering that EUV lithography has been "a few years away" for close to a decade now, and doesn't seem to be moving any closer to production...

Re: U3, they saw the light in 2009 and dropped it.

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The Extreme SSD fiascao

Not to mention that SanDisk is the company that continued to sell their defective Extreme SSD product (broken TRIM support) to customers for the last several months while maintaining complete silence about the issue.

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