back to article CAPTCHA-busting service relies on CAPTCHA to block bots

An automated CAPTCHA circumvention service has decided to use CAPTCHAs to restrict access to its own contact us services. It's unclear whether or not its possible to use to, err, bypass "contact us" page CAPTCHA. The automated CAPTCHA solving service is likely to be of interest primarily to …


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Stephen 2

Um why is this on el reg?

Why is this on El Reg exactly? Other than being some free advertising and a nice juicy link, I don't see the point of this story.

There are loads of companies/sites out there that pay Indians to crack captchas with an easy automated/API front end.


Re: Um why is this on el reg?

I'd say that the point is that they have a CAPTCHA on a CAPTCHA busting site.

Though, that seems more of a TDWTF concept the El Reg.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

There have been Captcha services for a long time, Death by Captcha, Decaptcher, Captcha Sniper, etc. Quite a few of them stupidly have captcha on registration/contact forms. Easy to "crack" ones, too. There are better ways of protecting against spam (such as simple riddles, sums, etc.



Really you suggest sums as an alternative to fooling a computer? Good luck with that.

Tony Haines


If they get enough traffic through the 'contact us' captcha, they won't need to hire anyone to provide the service.

Thumb Up

""They cannot be English, what with their absolute failure to understand irony," Christopher notes."

Canadian then, perhaps?

Dave 62

Depends what you mean by irony. It is what one might consider "cosmic irony" as in fate, god, the universe or whatever having a joke at our expense. For years smartarse comedians have been poking holes in this song and ironically they're the ones who don't understand the meaning of irony.

Anonymous Coward

ironic != funny

@Dave 62 - I challenge you to explain what's even cosmically ironic about a black fly in chardonnay.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward


But can it tell apart dogs and cats?...

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