back to article Japan's Softbank offers $20.1bn to take big gulp of Sprint

Japanese operator Softbank wants to buy Sprint, and has confirmed that it is prepared to pay more than £12bn ($20.1bn) for a 70 per cent stake in the US operator, assuming the US regulator will let it. Rumours of the deal were swirling around last week, leading to a drop in Softbank's own share value as investors balked at the …


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Who's being xenophobic?????

Preventing foreign companies from buying controlling interests in American companies is not being xenophobic, it's being smart.

Our Stupid Government wants to owe the Chinese even MORE trillions and I can't stop them.

Why should we allow even more stupid things to happen?? You critics want to call it zenophobia when I call it self protection. Foreign control of US companies, especialy communication companies is simply stupid.

At least we aren't part of the Euro.


lighting a 4g fire

Data costs much more in the U.S. than in Europe due to the cosy de facto current duopoly there.

Softbank plans to light a fire under the butts of the major incumbent U.S. operators and believes the consumer will win on this one. Softbank has an especial eye on 4g and plans to use it's experience of Japan's more advanced data offerings, and it's massive capital reserves, to develop U.S. mobile data.

What's not to like?

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