back to article Government Digital Service to live in 'multi-tenanted' cloud from SCC

Reseller-cum-integrator SCC has bagged a G-Cloud contract to provide hosting and IT services to the Government Digital Service (GDS). This deal comes less than two months after the Midlands-based firm was the first to be given clearance to punt its nine cloudy services, under the OptimizeCloud banner, to all gov departments. …


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1 pence per use

Er..... pence is PLURAL. How about "...1 PENNY per use"?

Are hacks not taught English grammar these days?


Take another look at Skyscape

Skyscape get a brief mention at the end of this Reg article. It might be worth taking a further look at the company.

The G-Cloud team include Skyscape on their CloudStore shop but without making any recommendations as to the company's suitability.

GDS have decided to host GOV.UK on Skyscape's servers and HMRC are putting their records there also. So every transaction between the public and the government will depend on Skyscape and ditto all our tax records.

Skyscape is too young to have filed any accounts, it only has £1,000 of paid-up share capital, there is no company secretary and only one director, who also happens to be the only shareholder -- all GOV.UK transactions and all tax records depend on one man, Mr Jeremy Robin Sanders.

What is Eleanor Stewart (G-Cloud) thinking of?

Has Lin Homer (HMRC) seen what her CIO Phil Pavitt has agreed to?

And is ex-Guardian man Mike Bracken the right man to be chief executive of GDS? All his staff have worked hard to get Martha Lane Fox's GOV.UK up and running/testing and then he goes and hands the lot over to a one-man £1,000 company?

One has taken these matters up with him --

One awaits a response.

Anonymous Coward

Skyscape has been around longer than the comany house date - they have been working with CTU units along with govt spook IT needs for some time. A better question is how someone can have IL3 an datacentre and tag "multi tennanted" on it too - it flies in the face of what IL3 is....

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