back to article Reg hack spares blushes at Infrastructure NSW, Cisco

Here at Vulture South we're always trying to cook up story ideas, and this week one that wormed its way into our cerebellum was whether the recently-released 'First Things First' plan from Infrastructure New South Wales included any thinking on technology's role in infrastructure planning. The plan is a centrepiece of the new- …


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Spoiling the image of Oz...

With that many sophistimacated <---intentional> words in this article, (lacunae, sclerotic) you are really doing the rest of us Australians a disservice!

Please revert back to less complex words such as, empty, slow or just anything with 5-6 letters or less..

Else other nations may get the wrong idea and not look down on us drunken, bbq eating, croc hunting Ozzies! (oi,oi,oi etc)


Re: Spoiling the image of Oz...

Oh and BTW, good article!


Not the end of the world, but you can see it from Macquaire Street

"desire to know if Infrastructure NSW had based its multi-billion-dollar plans on an ill-referenced draft. "

NO! I can't believe it! A NSW planning document that references material from a major contractors as recommended government policy? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

What do you mean the material is even a few years out of date? BUT BUT BUT.... NSW is the MOST ADVANCED STATE IN AUSTFAILIA!

Hi. I'm from NSW. I was born here, I live here, I work here, and honestly if it wasn't for my wife and two cats I would rather be ANYWHERE ELSE rather than here. I would prefer to live in MILTON KEYNES rather than any of the stinking shitholes that laughingly refer to themselves as centres of civilisation in this armpit of a state.

We were settled by PEOPLE WHO WERE TOO STUPID TO STEAL AN APPLE PROPERLY. They then bred with each other (and apparently some of the cattle they brought over, but hey, anything goes in a crowded boat, eh?) to produce the most vile forms of homo sapiens known.

I'll spare the intervening 220 or so miserable years to today - where Shitty Fail (sorry, CityRail) contractors rip up copper wiring quicker than they lay it (and sell it to scrappers). Where our building standards make China & India look like safe places to live. Where you can buy a politician for less than a really bad suit. Where the wealthy live like, well, the wealthy (1,700 sqm "cottages") run the media, own most of the property and most of the magistrates (marvelous chaps, we share a box at the races you know). Where the local heroes are 'fuudy' players who embarass chimpanzees for being in the same clade.

Our current Glorious State Leader, Fatty O'Barrel, has a solution for EVERYTHING - an INQUIRY. Need new transport infrastructure? INQUIRY. Need new Harbour crossing? INQUIRY (BTW, has anyone else notice the subtle structural reinforcement being done to the Bridge? Like someone has noticed it might need it? Quiet, eh?). Need to sort of housing & planning laws? INQUIRY. Impossible to live in Sydney and stay sane? INQUIRY. Can't decide whether to go home early or eat another pie? INQUIRY.

This is not to say any leader of our State has been any better, since... oh... forever. Even Gov. Macquarie himself was a corrupt bastard - between him and Ben Boyd I think 75% of the State is named them!

The best leader we ever had was Govenor William Bligh (Yes, THAT Bligh. I kid you not) - read some history - he really was our best leader - he tried to stand up to the corrupt scum that went on to run this hellhole.

Pray to whatever gods you believe in - you don't want to end up in Sydney, believe me.



This is why I shouldn't read the Forums at work. I get odd looks as I try not to laugh out loud.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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