back to article AMD lowers revenue expectations in run up to Q3 report

AMD has announced lowered expectations for its third-quarter financial results, with revenues declining 10 per cent from the previous quarter, down from the 1 per cent – give or take 3 per cent – that it had previously projected. "The lower than anticipated preliminary revenue results are primarily due to weaker than expected …


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Ok, so this is bigger news than the desktop Trinity launch?

I sent a letter to the editor but come on... It's been over a week and no new APU coverage?


Gee you'd think there was an economic depression or something

Sharp laying off 11,000 people. HP eliminating 29,000 people. Nokia laying off another 1000 people. Unemployment at record levels in the U.S., UK and Asia. Businesses world wide shuttering their doors. Even sweatshops in China closing. PC sales so sad for 2012 that they will drop to the numbers seen in 2001.

Hell no I can't see any reason why AMD sales might be down. I expect Intel sales to miss also with their dismal Ultrabook sales on top of the economic woes though they can often skew the numbers by offering massive enterprise discounts just to make the numbers per quarter.

As far as Trinity launch, it happened two weeks ago in the U.S. for the desktop Trinity and two months or so ago for Trinity laptop chippies - both of which are excellent chippies. There are reviews all over the Net. See AnandTech, Tom's Hardware, DailyTech, BenchMarkReviews, etc. It's worth noting that the Trinity desktop APUs are a tremendous value and offer great performance. They also OC very well so if you enjoy OC'ing, and who doesn't, buy one of the unlocked "K" models. If you're building a HTPC then you'll probably want the virtually silent 65W model Trinity desktop APUs.

Those waiting for the Vishera desktop chippie launch, only need to wait roughly two weeks, give or take. Expect 10-15% performance gain over Zambezi clock-for-clock with the advantage that Vishera OC's even better than Zambezi. You can expect many chippies to get close to 5.0 GHz. on good air cooler.



Intels "Pick a Whore any Whore" bribe campaign worked to push llano down to a sheet of cardboard outside lidil's despite the fact that sandyitch can't do OpenCL, and that Adobe lives off the bribes it does not honour (why should it?)

Assuming Area 51 won't release Alien Batteries And the rise in "economic uncertainty" ultra low battery powered ARM like tablets that integrate with a cloud service or two seem to be the future.

A cloud with two ends; one low powered content consuming tablets, the other vast storage on fast links

A double digit watt x86 is so 1995 (P reg Astra?)

Buying ATI was so smart

Get NVIDIA and block Intel off?

No do that and we suddenly learn AMD is Arab owned and likely as not funds the tallyband

Employ or kill their top engineer's ?....France 2012....???

An offer you can't refuse....!!!!

Anonymous Coward

The good news is... quarter results should improve for AMD as Trinity chips are shipping and Vishera will be released in a few weeks.

BTW, Intel can't give away Ultrabooks or even buy sales with all of their marketing money.

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