back to article Analyst warns BlackBerry 10 won't be out until March

RIM's share price took another hit on Tuesday after a senior analyst warned investors that the Canadian firm's BlackBerry 10 operating system may not be out until March of next year. "We had hoped for a Jan launch (guidance is for a CQ1 launch) but now see a March launch as more likely," said Jeffries and Co. analyst Peter …


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Hang on - how, exactly, has this analyst become privy to RIM's internal engineering roadmaps?

Honestly, I'm not sure that most of these analysts actually have anything to analyse.

Anonymous Coward

If they keep putting back the release they won't be around to release it.

Someone will probably buy them out before March 2013, more that likely it will be Microsoft that will integrate it into Win8 for mobiles. That's the only way they both might prevent another Kin and Zune.


The fine line...

... between market analysis and insider trading.


What ? integrate it into Win8 for mobiles ? ? ?

Thats like saying buy Android and integrate it in iOS for the iPhone......

They are totally different operating systems, not a piece of software running on an OS

Also BB10 is written on QNX, an OS core that makes windows look like an open door with an invite sign when it comes to security........


Says a lot for Windows 8

If they think RIM can still maintain 3rd place it goes to show just how poor the analysts think Windows 8 is.

But as someone else has said, I'm really not sure RIM can last that long - or that BB10 won't slip again.


Seriously? THIS is news?

I fail to understand how things work outside of India. In India, we know that the first quarter starts from January and ends in March. So how exactly is this a delay?

And if he knows so much about RIM, I hope he has made millions trading its stock till date.

This is just another tactic from the analysts paid by the companies who are scared shitless about what they have seen of BB10 till date.

It's ok to be afraid, be very very afraid, BUT resorting to such underhand tactics??? Tsk tsk!!!

Have the balls to face the Os and the hardware when it comes out and do RIM one better!

That's how you compete!!!


So an analyst "thinks"

I wonder if this analyst would have guessed correctly about the number of iPhone 5's that would be sold or is he like some others who forcast twice the numbers that were.

I think that if I was an invester I would read this and then ignore it as it has to be guess work. If he had any information from within RIM it would likely come under insider trading laws and therefore its just guess work which is therefore open to bias and fear of being wrong in the wrong direction and losing clients money telling them to invest and therefore losing his job.

I honestly beleive RIM will have a big success with BB10 especially in the Asian and African markets where mobile phone is the device of choice. So yes RIM will be number 3 and could see high enough sales to challenge Apple in total sales to take their spot.



Really, this wasn't a shock to anyone. Anyone can tell that we're looking at a spring 2013 launch - if they survive.

Its still a problem that RIM took 3 years to re-write QNX into a modern GUI-based Phone OS, two years after they released their failed tablet. I think they are the Duke Nuke'm in the Phone biz. Android 4.1 is kicking ass... by the time BB10 comes out, Android 5.0 will most likely be hitting the market.

*I really liked METRO on a phone... the bigger buttons and simple interface. I ran Launcher7 on my Android 2.x phone. When I upgraded, I didn't dare touch the Lumia 900. I find Android 4.x to be stable, fast and actually enjoyable to use. With that, I don't need Metro. I've asked a few people why they don't like WP7. Answer = "ugly" and I don't see that changing with WP8, where going to smaller ICONs "tiles" don't help much. Two people who I knew *had* WP7 have replaced them with Samsung Galaxy S3. :\

So this is really a fight for 3rd place crumbs.


"the probability of BB10 filling the role is wholly dependent on whether RIM can convince Samsung, Huawei, and ZTE to license"

So in the USofA at least, BB10 won't be filling the role, as the US House of Representatives is busy banning ZTE and Huawei hardware and Apple is busy trying to ban Samsung's.


Really? again RIM?

The worst thing RIM could have done is announced OS10 over a year before it was ready. They made the same mistake with OS7 in which it took 18 months from them having a Apple like announcement/press conference to the general public, through to getting the first OS7 phone on the shelves.

People who are fans of Blackberry might not wait until March or later for the next generation of Blackberry's to be released. As someone who's used a self confessed Blackberry fanboi for 5 years now, my phone contract is up in December and i'm looking towards Android because I can't see OS10 being worth the wait, nevermind OS10 won't be compatible with my current Blackberry and the new handsets will be behind the curve before they are even released.

To survive and to stop making themselves look like total dipsticks, they need to follow Apple in the sense that they don't announce something, unless it's ready to go the next day.


Re: Really? again RIM?

Like a new mapping system, perhaps?


Blackberry fanboi here too...

... as I've always had them for work (alongside my personal phone, currently a 4s).

However, I must say I'm not sure whether I'll bother getting another BB for work if I have the choice (which I should do in Jan). I like the keyboard, but iOS & Android (haven't used WinPhone) are at the point that I'd happily use them as a work phone, despite not having a proper keyboard.


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