back to article NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson expects toothbrush commerce

Toothbrushes will go online and encourage you to buy new ones once their bristles wear out, according to Zach Nelson, CEO of software-as-a-service outfit NetSuite. Speaking at an event in Sydney today, Nelson occasionally suggested he and NetSuite's founders may be a candidate for consideration as a “genius visionary.” He wasn …


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Gods, I hope not...

Surely we as a species have enough spare mental capacity to work out when our toothbrushes and windscreen wipers require replacing, without having to be told so by a sensor running to a manufacturer's agenda?

I mean, yes, sensors where it counts, where components are hidden away, hard to check, and important - brake pads, for example. But toothbrushes and windscreen wipers? Truly this civilisation is doomed...


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