back to article Varonis pushes out cloudy file transaction-tracking snitch

I was on a storage start-up press tour of the eastern USA, taking in Miami, Boston and New York – don't ever say this business doesn't have its moments – and a supplier had cancelled, so we went to see Varonis instead. The company's Data Goverance Suite has a DatAdvantage set of modules which look at file transactions: creations …


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Anonymous Coward

"Like the Transportation Security Administration, ...."

"... the facility wouldn't exist if it weren't necessary."

Debatable. In fact, I'd argue against it. They were the result of knee-jerkery and it shows. The things they do really well are pointless harassment, being deliberately obtuse about the often completely arbitrary rules they make up along the way, general thuggery, and wasting money on expensive toys that don't work as advertised and often aren't even deployed. IE they're mostly a waste, a pain, a drain on the economy.

What bearing that would have on this outfit, with their paper-over-security-cracks offering, I'll leave as an exercise. It sounds like snake oil to me, but so does the TSA. In that sense, the analogy fits well enough.

Thumb Down

So this is running on their "local" system, yet stops them seeing networked systems (Because your not storing the senstive infomation on their local system if they shouldn't have access to it - right?)

If so, your networked file system is broken and should be fixed. It shouldn't be giving anyone access to files they shouldn't have access to.

Fixing a problem that doesn't exist aka sales speak. Why the sudden influx of these on the reg?!

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