back to article HP pitches four-socketeer Xeon E5 borg boxes

As El Reg readers know, HP has been quietly shipping four-socket rack servers sporting Intel's Xeon E5-4600 servers since August and talking about its four-socket blade since that time, and now the company is finally getting around to formally announcing the boxes and talking up the benefits of four-socketeers for certain …


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twice as many blades

But half the amount of memory slots per blade it seems like

The G7 while double wide has 64 slots, Gen8 has 32

G7, I guess as you might expect taps out at 2TB of max ram, Gen8 taps out at 1TB

Nice to have the option I guess but I guess HP realized most customers would rather have 2 x quad socket 32-DIMM systems in the same space vs 1 x quad socket 64-DIMM system.


$8,640 licensing cost?

Don't see how three ProLiant DL560 Gen8 servers (or any 3 node virtualisation cluster) can have a whole load of VMs run on them for $8.640 license cost, at least if MS Windows is involved. Windows Datacenter Edition is about $4.8K per CPU and even if you spread that cost over 3 years and ignore interest it's still about $18K per year.

Anonymous Coward

Late to market

Dell had a 4-socket 2U rack server in the prior generation of Intel architecture and launched the latest generation almost 6 months ago, 4 months prior to HP's unannounced launch.

Why is HP so late to market?

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