back to article Huawei wants to be telepresence king

Chinese telecoms and handset giant Huawei has its sights on dominating yet more markets, with plans to leapfrog Cisco to top spot in the video conferencing space in three years and to expand its retail presence in thousands of domestic bricks and mortar stores to boost handset sales. Huawei’s sales of telepresence kit doubled …


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Huawei the lads

Couldn't resist it, sorry.

On the serious side: this is not a nice company and I wouldn't trust them with my postcode let alone all my network traffic.


To me, the most interesting thing about this fascinating company

is that it is said to be «owned by its employees». Does anybody know the details ? Does, for example, everyone working there, no matter in what capacity, get a share ? How are these shares apportioned ? What happens to a person's share when he or she leaves Huawei's employ ? Perhaps Phil could be encouraged to do a spot of investigative journalism and research the above questions and others that turn up along the way ?...


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