back to article China warned on nano-safety

China has been urged to carry out extensive safety studies and tighten regulation of its thriving nanotechnology industry to reassure countries importing nano-goods that there are no health risks associated with exposure to such materials. Nanotechnology involves the control of atoms and molecules to create new materials with …


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Nanoparticles: the Asbestos of the 21st Century? (i.e., safe unless disturbed)

Anonymous Coward

Nano Tech, the hidden spy in your device.


nano arms, very small arms that can strangle people


Does size matter?

quote: "Nanoparticles: the Asbestos of the 21st Century? (i.e., safe unless disturbed)"

Nah, I am breathing in particles of nanometre or smaller size as I type; according to an apathetic search Oxygen (O2) molecules can be classed as ~120pm (picometres) across, or 0.12nm (nanometres). The same half-assed search showed an estimate of 110pm for diatomic Nitrogen, which makes up around 70% of the atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide, Methane and various other simple molecules are already nano-scale, have been around in the atmosphere since we had one, and haven't killed that many people yet despite many being both "nanoparticles" and directly absorbable through the lung interface. I don't think size is the issue here, despite what the headline might lead you to think ;)

"Toxic particles might kill people" is less technologically sounding that "Nanoparticles might kill people" though...


China and health safety topics...

While not exactly nano, but is related to science and medical, and genetic sequencing and manipulation, and definitely health safety, this might interest, amaze, concern, or frighten some readers:

"BGI-Shenzhen, a Chinese operator of genome-sequencing centers, agreed to acquire Complete Genomics Inc. (GNOM) for about $117.6 million to expand in the U.S. market for medical and research DNA testing.

BGI will pay $3.15 a share in cash, a premium of about 54 percent over the closing price on June 4, the last trading day before Complete Genomics’s announcement that it was exploring strategic alternatives, the companies said today in a statement. The board of Mountain View, California-based Complete Genomics unanimously recommended that stockholders accept BGI’s offer.

Genomes, the DNA instructions for making and operating cells, are helping doctors understand and sometimes treat cancer, inherited diseases, and other disorders. While BGI has focused on agricultural and human genetic research, Complete Genomics is preparing for greater use of DNA sequencing to prevent and treat human disease, the companies said.

“We look forward to growing the business to improve medical research and, when clinical services are provided, support better disease diagnosis with tools that can be used by doctors and hospitals to treat their patients,” said Wang Jun, chief executive officer of BGI, in the statement."

More is at thr URL?


Bring on the Grey Goo indiced planetery reboot


No Grey Goo

For the love of god! There is no science in grey goo. Seriously.

Moulds that exist in the air and consume food are the closest thing to grey goo you'll ever see. They eat anything they can. They self replicate. They're efficient and persistent.

The energy costs alone of breaking chemical bonds for replication of a nanobot are beyond that which a nanobot could source unless the material was rich in chemical energy (e.g. mould and bread). Let's not even consider communication or computational capacity!

Grey goo is science comedy, it's not even science fiction.

Credible things include:

Plastic eating organisms (plastic can burn so you can release energy from it)

Hmmm... (can't think of more for now)


What, me worry?

The Chinese public is apparently not too concerned, according to a recent survey by Dalian University of Technology, but perhaps they should be, given China’s track record on product safety, regulatory enforcement and workplace safety.

There are plenty more people where those came from....

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