back to article CFO Seifert finds AMD's executive exit door, walks through it

The personnel changes in AMD's executive suites continue with the resignation of the company's CFO, Thomas Seifert, on Monday. "Seifert's departure is not based on any disagreement over the company's accounting principles or practices, or financial statement disclosures," the company assured investors in a statement announcing …


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Anonymous Coward

Lets hope they can..

I'm a great fan of AMD, hopefully this will restore their fhunder :) Got me a few of their 16 Core CPUs and they leave our Intel servers looking a little bulimic..


Re: Lets hope they can..

They hired one of the Apple chip designers so let us have hope.

Until they right the ship there are still a few chips that are VERY good buys. The Thuban 6 cores are selling cheap and make great gaming and video transcoding systems, The Brazos and soon Brazos II chips make kick butt netbooks, where you can play 1080p video through HDMI and still get 6 hours on a system that costs less than an Atom system, and the Liano chips make great 15 inch laptops and budget desktops that will give you a decent GPU and CPU for a heck of a decent price.

Just avoid anything based on the Bulldozer "half core" design unless you really really REALLY want Windows 8, since MSFT has already said they won't fix the scheduler bug except in win 8, which is gonna bomb like WinME. For those that don't know you can turn off half the modules and get MORE performance in Windows, because Windows doesn't know that each module has a half a FP per chip instead of a full one so it'll drag the system down by having modules get overloaded instead of smart scheduling. in any case its a BAD design, as if anything we need MORE floating point not less, as everything becomes more multimedia heavy it requires more not less FP support.

But we ALL know the truth...its a server chip. They can try to tap dance around the truth, do stupid moves like killing Thuban, but in the end we have a chip designed to do lots of heavily threaded integer jobs (ala server loads) and they tried to dump it on consumers to make more money and it failed.

Anonymous Coward

Seifert departure was planned

Seifert made it known some time ago he was seeking a CEO position so this was a planned transition.

Vishera and Trinity laptop will be released shortly and that will bode well for AMD and consumers. People will be pleased with both of these chippies and their successors.

AMD is finally getting back on track.

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