back to article Intel shows off Seacliff Trail SDN-enabled switch

Intel wants to dominate the networking and storage arenas, each worth about $25bn a year in sales, just as much as it ever wanted to dominate the server racket, which accounts for around $50bn a year in sales. And if its goal is to double the revenues of its Data Center and Connected Systems group to $20bn by 2016 – as general …


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Anonymous Coward

MTU question

I wonder if the same folks who do NIC and related driver development will have a hand in making these useless for 9K byte packets as their (and others, no doubt) that were optimized for 1514 byte packet handling?

I also wonder if the NICs still allow whatever data was in their buffer previously to be used as padding in ethernet frames? (Or have they collectively fixed this? I can remember sniffing out a co-workers' password just by examining the padding bytes...but it took two days)

Anonymous because he may not have changed his password in the last 15 years...

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