back to article AMD aims at big data crunchers with SeaMicro SM15000

Earlier this week, ahead of the kickoff of the Intel Developer Forum, cheeky AMD launched its next generation of microservers sporting both Intel and AMD chips and a revamped SM15000 chassis that links storage arrays directly into the system "Freedom" interconnect fabric at the heart of the SeaMicro system it acquired earlier …


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... also more efficient than our competitor's model with integrated toaster

You always ought to give your competitor the benefit of the doubt in this sort of comparison, otherwise people will question your honesty - having said that the machines are usually compute-limited, why are they comparing to an essentially-HPC setup full of dual-socket eight-core Xeons rather than low-power Ivy Bridge E3-1200 systems?

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AMD really has something here, and Intel doesn't like it one bit. People that make money on software licenses, may not like it either, and the data center cooling vendors, but customers will love this thing. Even if performance is 60% of the closest comparable system, it is still advantageous at half the cost, half the power and 1/3rd the space. When they move down market and start making them as desktop clusters for SMB, they should clean up. Mini Hybrid Cloud Platform anyone? Oh wait.. will have some competition.

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