back to article Microsoft betas System Center service pack for unified control

Redmond's been talking about how System Center will be at the heart of its reboot of the Windows franchise for months now, and now it has released the beta of its first service pack. System Center 2012 was officially launched in April, but with SP1 the code base now supports the release of Server 2012, as well as SQL Server …


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For one horrified moment I read the subheading as...........

............."SP1 beta increases iTunes integration".

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Alien Eggs ........ for SMARTR Hatchings to replace Serial Patches in Remedial Betas

Prior Art Patently Alienated and Pending Prescription for SMARTR Programs and SuperBeta Projects which HyperRadioProActively Openly Challenge Private Party and Public Body [which at their heads are essentially the same with just some dominant individual opinion seizing the day and having their way] Proscription.

In the enigmatic chicken/egg conundrum, you may like to ponder on what comes first in Phoenix Programs and who and/or what delivers the chicken and who and/or what lays its eggs, for the following pair are too similar to not be related?!.

System Center 2012 was officially launched in April, but with SP1 the code base now supports the release of Server 2012, as well as SQL Server 2012. Since Server 2012 is all about the cloud, as Microsoft repeatedly points out, the beta also gives better control over private and hybrid cloud systems and Hyper-V systems. ……. The Chicken?!.

amanfromMars, …… pushing the envelope with a comment unveiling/revealing/reaffirming a Prime Phorm Project [a Skank Wwworks module*] with Stealthy Subversively Sublime Future Content Management Programs and SuperBeta Applications Suites on

"So it's basically a flying router that makes an internet of military communications possible." .... Mel Alton.

Or/And more importantly, a mobile premium intelligence hub/node/server? And that observation/curious statement/irregular and unconventional question is targeted at the CyberSpace Military Wing of the DOD ...... the SMARTR business end of that out of fashion and increasingly ineffective blunt instrument but which is still to make its mark and take over New World Order Operating Systems via Virtual Remote Control of Satellite Dependent Functions ..... Prime Communications with New Orderly Worlds Operating Systems for Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems in Live Operational Virtual Environments ..... Secured Reality and Future Protected Fields of Virtual Terrain for Greater IntelAIgent Game Play. ........ Present Eventing. ……. The Egg?!.

* … [imagine it in AI and IT Fields as a Skank Wwworks module which should not be confused with any reeking or freaking Skunk Works clone/wannabe closet cloud cluster model] ….

El Reg, there are beings on Earth internetworking information and ideas for Virtual Realisation of that information and those ideas via Computer Command and Communications Control of Media Programming for Presentation of Future News with Fab Views and IT Services, and the live current challenge and always free open invitation is to climb aboard their vessels, settle down in the comfortable seats provided and to learn how to concentrate on enjoying the ride and drivering the journey to destinations unanimously shared and unilaterally agreed as being worthy of visit and stay .......... Virtual Colonisation.

PS .... "Phoenix program" is an interesting Google

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