back to article Ambitious Alibaba wants to take on Android

Not content with dominating the massive Chinese e-commerce market, local hero Alibaba now wants to chase Android into the sea by making its cloud-based Aliyun mobile operating system China's preferred smartphone OS. The company’s chief strategy officer, Zeng Ming, told the Wall Street Journal that the firm is set to more than …


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The Key Missing Factor is Trust and Quality

Notwithstanding Alibaba's outstanding success with it's product sourcing search engine, Chinese products cannot be trusted, either for quality or integrity.

I'm not concerned about Chinese backdoors in networking equipment - the US NSA already has plenty of backdoors in US equipment (which is made in China) and software but rather their software integrity and whether can be trusted to behave like an international enterprise should.

China has two quality standards: home and export. Some of the products destined for the home market are pure garbage. Yet, often from the very same 'garbage' factories emanate some world class products. A walk around any of the electronic malls you find in all major cities you can see both extremes.

The Chinese playing field is not level, even for it's own manufacturers, and you never know which large Chinese corporation is bending the rules on government instruction or as a result of bribes.

No, even though Alibaba uses an international OS, I rather stick with the devils I know than stick my neck in China's wok.


Re: The Key Missing Factor is Trust and Quality

Racist rubbish.

There is good and bad hardware and software everywhere - nothing about the country of origin tells you anything about it's quality.

As for the level playing field, I'm writing this in the UK, it's not a level playing field here either. As for govern'muppets interference. You think that doesn't happen in the UK?, it does!

The Chinese produce the same level of quality as the rest of the world, sorry to disabuse of your charming slight on 1/5th of the world population.

Anonymous Coward

I'm quite happy with this, it should cut down on those sites that pirate, translate and re-distribute Android applications on their own Chinese markets.



If it will dial the number, and hangup when I want, who cares? (as long as it's not iOS)


When will it stop?

When will these fallacies stop being reported? Dominate the "market". There's no such thing as as market on China. No other companies stand a chance. China do business as China. Ostensibly as the country. In real terms as corporations who are the single biggest in their sector in the country. It's like the baidu thing . Dude google ever stand a chance against them in the Chinese "market".




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