back to article Tablets keep UK IT's head above water

UK IT is currently stumbling along a rather rocky road. But for the tablet, times would be rather tougher, market watcher GfK reckons. Looking back over the six months from January to July, and to the equivalent six-month periods in the previous five years, the contraction in sales of desktop tower PCs is very evident. So is …


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Interesting views

This is a good article and makes for some interesting reading. However I do think that companies have opted to simply stop spending on replacement kit in terms of desktops. They will look to replace them when either,

* The warrenty run outs,

* The unit dies

* The user's requirements change, a laptop is brought and this PC is re-issued

The board members seem like enjoy using tablets and at the moment iPads as they currently have the "blackberry" appeal (when BB (Blackberry) units first appeared it was a status to others that you were at the cutting edge of technology and needed to respond to emails at the drop of a hat.)

I think the state of play with the worlds finances is playing havoc with business's IT plans and spends...


One of the problems here is that 5,6 & 7 year old kit is still pretty good at most of the things most people want to do: Web, Word processing, Spread sheets, Email

Yes, you may need the latest and greatest to run your dev environment, but that's not most folks. They have no 'need' to upgrade so they don't. Simples

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