back to article X-IO vows to end hot-swap disk pops with next-gen arrays

X-IO has halved the number of SSDs in its Hyper ISE hybrid flash-disk arrays, increased overall performance by 50 per cent and cut prices by 20 per cent. It has also vowed to spare users the horror of popping a failed disk. Hyper ISE is a sealed 3U enclosure that previously contained 30 x 2.5-inch 10,000rpm 900GB disk drives …


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Anonymous Coward

Will it blend?

I am apprehensive of using flash in an ISE... They are disk drives experts, but I don't buy their ability to move data between HDD & eMLC (SSDs?) using Continuous Automatic Data Placement... Why not make life simple and use a portion of the flash for read caching and a portion for write (staging) cache and be done with it...

What is the real world IOPS that one can expect out of the new ISE?

>> For the 14.4TB product the base capacity ratio is now 12TB of disk to 2TB of flash instead of 18:4. There is 1.6TB of flash after hot-sparing. Maximum IOPS have gone up from 200,000 for the first Hyper ISE to 300,000 for the new generation; boosting spindle numbers is a good thing. This has been augmented by optimising the CADP algorithms. All three new models have a 300,000 max IOPS rating, 60,000 max OLTP IOPS, and pump data to/from disk at 1.4GB/s as before.

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