back to article Cleversafe: Our mad rig can gobble a terabyte in a second

Cleversafe claims it has the biggest mouth for objects on the planet, gulping them in at a terabyte a second. The company is an object storage startup and its 3000 series of appliances can cram in a terabyte's worth of objects but you need a thousand, yes indeed, 1,000, ingest boxes or Accesser 3100 storage router appliances …


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  1. Gordan

    Open Source Version Disappeared

    Shame they swept their open source version under the carpet and disappeared it. I rapidly lost interest in their otherwise interesting product after that.

  2. doreilly


    Prove it.......

  3. LeguanArne


    I work for EMC, trust me, the sort of workload this science project fantasy is talking about would hardly be put onto a (100's of) DataDomain(s). Atmos could scale to these numbers and beyond though.

    Speculating is fun though, 60EB is about 1/30 of the total amount of digital content generated in 2011 from what IDC estimates, so go ahead and triple those numbers and there is some room for growth :)

  4. Capital5


    Tens of petabytes in a single production system, definitely real today with several Cleversafe customers (first hand knowledge). Tens of exabytes in production, not that far off given the growth of data and the need to keep more available and online for analysis. Challenge is to make sure you have an architecture and a platform that can get there when your organization needs you to be there.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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