back to article Velociraptor drives get Thunderbolt boost

Western Digital's speeding disk dinosaurs, its Velociraptors, have been given a dose of Thunderbolt. The MyBook Velociraptor Duo (MyBook VD?) pairs two of the 1TB, 10,000rpm Velociraptor drives with two Thunderbolt ports. It delivers up to 400MB/sec, close to SSD performance WD claims, which means transferring 2000 5MB images …


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velo drives.still the simplest,cheapest way to get a 25-40% boost to over-all system speed.

anyone want to donate a couple of 1tb wd velo's and 64 gb of ram and new motherboard.

it worked for fella who wrote begging letter to samsung.

my mrs + daughter insist on playing sims 2/3 on main pc,that bloody game seems to be able to swallow up machine resources faster than bt open-world! !!

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Re: easy

Or you can go for an SSD cache drive, I didn't really believe it would make much difference but thought what the hell go for a cheap one.

Got a Crucial one for SATAII, does what its supposed to makes pc run faster and not regretting it as meant not having to reinstall the OS onto an SSD.

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