back to article Tosh flashifies disk in demo hybrid drive

Toshiba has demonstrated a 1TB hybrid disk drive at the Flash Memory summit; that's 250GB bigger than Seagate's Momentus XT. The 2.5-inch XT drive is Seagate's third generation hybrid drive and features a 2-platter, 7,200rpm disk drive fitted with either a 4GB fast SLC flash cache in the 500GB product or an 8GB SLC NAND cache …


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how fast do you want...

" It's bandwidth is just 80GB/sec, seemingly unimpressive."

80GB/sec is VERY impressive to me...


I want a hybrid drive that reads as 2 drives: a proper sized SSD for booting and a spinny drive for storage and programs, both crammed into one 2.5" package.

I want to decide what goes where, I don't trust the drive to do it.

Thumb Down

load of old tosh

but like every other piece of junk with their name on it,it will be.

a) total crap that does'nt work as advertised.

b)as with most tosh shite,it will fail in use and then you have the fun of dealing with toshibas idea of customer and tech support,which is just to ignore complaints,warrentys or the law of land involved.

toshiba,punting tosh to those who know no better.

should be forced to rename to shitiba.

would never,ever buy,sell or recommend tosh crap to anyone,not even my worst enemy,the quicker shitiba go bust the better.


Re: load of old tosh

You must be using one of their keyboards to write that? I see what you mean!

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