back to article Privacy warriors win right to fight Google's itty-bitty FTC payout

Opposition to Google's $22.5m privacy blunder settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission is heating up: lobby group Consumer Watchdog confirmed today it has won the right to file a brief against the deal. The search-and-ads giant had agreed to pay out after it was caught tracking users of Apple's web browser Safari by …


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Money Buys Influence

Google told The Register: "We're confident that there is no basis for this challenge."

Translation: "Google is the Third Largest Contributor to the Obama Re-Election Campaign!"

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I hope this goes somewhere because the judgement was a joke. They did something wrong and should at least have to admit wrong doing and the fine should be more than pocket change for the comapny. Where's the incentive not to do it again?

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2 Billion should cover it

Google has taken far more in their tax shenanigans, might as well claw it back some way.

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