back to article Technology tops Forbes list of 100 most powerful women

The latest list from Forbes of the 100 most powerful women on the planet suggests that the technology industry is leading the way in promoting sexual equality, contributing 15 per cent of the spots overall and a quarter of the top 20 positions. The technology industry contributed more names to the list (see below) than any …


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[ equal != same ] || talk to women

The article has the old assumption that generally males and females are fully interchangable.

There is a big difference between citizen rights for which there should (IMHO) be no difference in law and gender/cultural preferences. Maybe women prefer having a life rather than being PHBs and wage slaves? At least the tech women I know think so.

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Women in IT always seems to involve high ranking positions. I think that's what most women want when talk about being in IT, they mean management.

Perhaps they should try earning their way into management.

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Why do you assume that lists of the most powerful men or women in the world can tell us ANYTHING about equality? All this particular list demonstrates is that some women are almost as unequal as some men.


Melinda Gates position not technical

Melinda Gates was (is?) indeed a leading technologist. (Her last position at usoft was General Manager of Information Products.) She's also a powerful woman, through her work in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But on that evidence, she'd never be number four on the list if she hadn't married the boss.

(Please don't gripe that I'm misogynistic or unfair. I admire her greatly, and she indeed belongs atop any list of influential women qua women. She's just not the no. four _technological_ woman.)

P.S.: We need a ``misguided'' icon---perhaps a GPS screen?

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Re: Melinda Gates position not technical

She did bring us Clippy ..



Melinda Gates in in the humanitarian category (and rightly so)

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Xerox's CEO is named "Ursula Burns"? That is just *way* too close to sounding like a SImpsons episode*.

* Bonus points: Her career took a big jump when she became the Executive Assistant to a man named Wayland, which sounds way to close to Waylon, at least on a Friday afternoon.


I for one..

(you know how it goes - groan)

Welcome our new shiny, high-heeled, thigh-booted overlords (lordesses even if they like - whatever suits them).

Oh, I'm sorry Madam, you are quite right, I did miss a little bit, Can I stay over and do it all again?

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Or did I just get the paradigm wrong?

Feel free to spank me down ;-)

Er, I really am just being half-ironic. The rest is true - I really do think that way!

And just so we clear up any mistakes Emancipation for Women is what I am talking about Preacher Man:

It can't come soon enough for me.


They got a lot of THINGS ON THEIR MIND;

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Fuck yeah. Let Women run the world.

I mean, they couldn't fuck it up worse than the men have can they?

And if they were worse sex cases. Shit, think of all the fun we would have.

Sometimes I just think I should keep my own mouth shut, preacher man.

Er no, I am not being erotic ( I mean Ironic)...

Sorry, I got a lot of things on my mind!


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