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You run an enterprise data centre, you are facing hardware refreshes and thinking maybe private cloud is the way to go. But is it? And if it is, how do you get there? The private cloud in this sense is a data centre feeding its resources on demand and via a monitor or chargeback-for-use business model to users inside the …


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This rates an article?

"You must be able to cope with the peaks in demand likely to come your way."

I cope quite nicely, thank you.

"If your in-house resources reach a limit you can go outside, to the public cloud, for relief."

No. I can not. I value my corporate privacy, and plan accordingly to keep it all in house.

"This is important because your current assumptions about network bandwidth, server and storage use and growth may be quite inadequate."

I have now fired you for incompetence. End of discussion. Please leave the premises, you'll get your final paycheck in the mail shortly. HAND.


Scaling to peaks ?

The point of a Private Cloud is to take average DC utilisation from 5% to something like 40% of capacity. There is a lot of spare capacity in today's data centres and peaks are easily handled.

Public clouds have peak problems because of growth. Private clouds have different problems.

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