back to article Mobile dinosaurs can gain (not just lose) from Over the Top rebellion

As more people bypass their mobile operators to make voice calls and send messages, a new survey attempts to measure the potential losses and opportunities for WhatsApp, Skype and other so-called "Over the Top"* players. The poll by analyst outfit Mobile Squared grilled operators and smartphone users in 68 markets worldwide, …


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You are missing another option that they have used.

Outright blocks, or where they have been told they can't do that, network management to reduce "abusive" data use.

Anonymous Coward

" dodging the user's ISP

and without any investment in infrastructure needed by the OTT provider"

That's not entirely true is it?

OTT providers pay their ISP subscription the same as anyone else does.

The problem is and remains the pricing model used by mobile operators.

Depending on your perspective, they are either grossly inefficient, or grossly under-pricing their service. Either way, the profit issue is their problem, and no one elses.

Only in the telco industry would you call excess demand a 'problem'... Any other industry would correctly call it an 'opportunity'.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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