back to article Lincolnshire dangles ICT cash carrot over hungry suppliers

Lincolnshire county council is to launch a procurement exercise later this year to investigate the provision of various support services, including ICT systems. A pre-tender document issued by the council says the estimated value of the deal is between £100m and £150m over five years. The contract – or contracts - which will …


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Anonymous Coward

Lincolnshire Has £150 Milliom?!

I didn't think they'd made that much money in the several thousands years they've been in existence!


Re: Lincolnshire Has £150 Milliom?!

we had to claw back the ~50million that was invested in iceland banks too! grrrr

when you look at everyone paying council tax and the lack of any real work done by them you see why they have so much money.

dont even get me started on roads. every time they do something they make it worse. its also taking 18 months to build 0.75miles of additional road to our crappy southern bypass near lincoln as they are making it dual carriage for less than a mile. brilliant! :( in that time the 10miles or so i drive twice daily averages 20mph

we are also supposed to be finally getting a full ring road and not a semi-circle but due to funds it will be single carriage, so limited to 40mph thanks to lorries

then there was the recent debacle around the xmas market where they moved all the salt up-hill to help the tourists, forgetting to leave any down hill, which meant every hill got iced up and the whole city came to a stand still. i had to ditch the car and walk home from work.

its not a bad place to live but roads are a nightmare. a lot of people say we have one of the worst road systems in the country.


40 mph?

After having lived in Mancfester and now Lincolnshire, a bypass 'limited' to 40mph compared to the car park that is the M60 is a total dream!

Now give me job as a result of those juicy contract and I'll be happy!

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