back to article Fujitsu tosses VMware cloud-in-a-box at biz newbies

EMEA private cloud wannabees can now enjoy servicing themselves with a single, ready-to-use, all-in-one Fujitsu private cloud product. The company's Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud converges 4 to 18 Primergy compute blades, up to 144TB of Eternus storage, Brocade networking and VMware's virtualisation and vCloud …


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You forgot to hilight the other benefits..

The server are diamond encrusted, the HDD platters are made from solid gold and the rack is in fact a miniature nuclear bunker!


Too expensive

VMWare is just too bloody expensive.

I am all for going green/virtualising to save money and more - but, I just can't see any more how companies save money or resources by doing it.

For very small environments, just using the free ESX is absolutely great and it has saved me much money in the past, but, for a new project at work, I have been evaluating Vsphere as I really want the FT feature.... With the smallest support option, it is still over £3,000 per processor - I just can't justify it when we can buy extra servers for less.


Re: Too expensive

The FT feature really isn't worth the cost of vSphere. It is a really limited product that has not continued to evolve with the rest of their offerings. For instance, do the VMs you want to protect with FT only have 1 CPU? That is the maximum allowed for FT.


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When are People Going to Notice

There is a Desktop Private Cloud that easily runs 30+ virtual machines and supports a variety of open source cloud offerings and others, like Nimbula. it is under 10 grand and supports thousands of web users on 4 compute nodes. It was created because the traditional offerings are still too expensive and by the looks of this latest offering from Fujitsu, they are going to stay expensive. How many small businesses really need 100-450 VM's? Get a CriKit -

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