back to article NBN price tag rises in new NBNCo new corporate plan

NBNCo has released its Corporate Plan (PDF)for 2012-2015, updating the projected costs and build speed for the project. Costs have risen: the organisation now says it will require an extra $1.4 billion of capital expenditure to construct the NBN. Total capital expenditure is now projected to be AUD$37.4 billion, up from AUD$35 …


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As much as I dislike Conroy for numerous reasons. I really hope he sticks with this.

Yes it is costing a bucketload of cash and I suspect it will increase again several times before its completed (if it ever is) but its rare to see governments investing in this kind of capital infrastructure any more.

Can you imagine how bad it would get if they tried a wireless solution!?!?!

I do think they need to look at the consumer prices though, the listings i saw that were proudly showing how it was competitive with other broadband providers was a joke. Ok so you can compete with Telstra, but thats not saying much. The only people i knew with Telstra broad band were the kind of people that didn't know anything about it and just went with Telstra because they were big name brand. Anyone that had any knowledge went with someone else (Internode where I was) and saved 50% with greater caps.


Full steam ahead!

If passive optical is so future proof, why do the world's fastest home connections not use them? Why is NT&T looking for ways to not have to rebuild their PON network for faster speeds? Google's fiber is going with a non-shared pair and they will be rolling out gigabit upload speed on links that could do 100g/100g with todays hardware. PON is also fiber to the Node but the Node happens to be a prism. Then NBN is rolling out 2.5 gigabits to their nodes (with long term plans to up that to 25 gig in the future if the technology matures) while point to point fiber is delivering dedicated 40 gigabits cheaply today with options in speed limited by the costs of the endpoints. The shared long hall links use very expensive optical equipment that is way beyond the budget of this project and there isn't a way to upgrade the segment your on to 25 gig unless everyone else gets upgraded too and if they need upgraded, will the shared 25 gig be enough?

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Re: Full steam ahead!

It'll certainly be interesting to see over the next few years whether the speed of the network keeps up with people's expectations. This is a network for the next few decades after all. It is also interesting as BT over in the UK have their second generation fibre to the cabinet/node offering (BT Infinity 2) 76/19 with 100/15Mb/s available in some locations. That they have this much now makes you wonder whether the NBN is already getting a little out of date.

BT use GPON I believe with the option of PTP for business. It is also worth noting that their high speed offerings are "unlimited" usage with no clear spec of what that means but the T&Cs state you cannot use it to run a business unless express permission is granted. I somehow feel that a similar fate with befall residential NBN connections thereby making you cough up extra for a "business plan".

I checked on their site and where I used to get a 4/.75 Mb/s connection on ADSL2+ I could get a 47.5/10.5 Mb/s connection with guaranteed 16 Mb/s downstream and 100GB cap for ~$50 per month.

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