back to article Fraternising through flash to fight EMC

Blocks and Files Fusion-io's flash SAN software is helping Cisco, HP and NetApp fight EMC and its Thunder/Xtremio flash SAN technology. They need Fusion-io for two reasons. Firstly, with the networked flash SAN VMware is developing with the Thunder and Xtremio technology, EMC is becoming a serious force undermining the server …


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Anonymous Coward

Dell has no answer to all-flash startups?

How incorrect you can be.

Dell's on its second generation of all-flash Equallogic arrays, with the PS6010S, the PS6110S and also hybrid arrays for combined flash-15K auto-tiered storage. Additionally the richness and stability of the management and integration software is far beyond what is offered by the Whiptails, Nimbles, etc of this world.

I work for Dell, so AC

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