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Warren Adelman has quit as chief executive of market-leading domain names and hosting company Go Daddy after less than eight months on the job. He's been replaced on an interim basis by Scott Wagner of KKR, one of the venture capital companies that led a buyout of the company, worth a reported $2.2bn, which closed last …


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I got a call from a colleage telling me I should switch from Godaddy. He was calling from his iPhone. Odd, since it turned out as far as I'm aware Apple were supporters of SOPA, they just managed to keep it out of the press better than Godaddy did. I suggested he might want to ditch his iPhone if he was so het up about SOPA, his integrity apparently didn't stretch to ditching his Jesus phone though.

Funny how some companies are easy to bash, others less so. Personally, I don't see how any corporate giant is worthy of unwaiving loyalty.



The good folks working to have a future for themselves and their families aside, Go Daddy's executives are simply scumbags. Given so much competition, why organizations choose Go Daddy is a interesting question.

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But.....1&1 are far far worse IMHO...



Not even going into their tastless, sexis, exploitative advertising methods, I think they're scumbags, period.

I did an "is this domain available" search from my own provider one day but didn't order it right then. The next day it wasn't available. When I checked, I found it was "parked" by Go Daddy and I could have it if and only if I used Go Daddy to register it.

I used a ".net" variation instead of ".com"

Registrars "parking" domains is no different than typosquatting in my book.

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GoDaddy has no redeeming qualities

I find a bunch of things about them irritating:

- The "control panel" interface is clunky and slow

- My webserver was slow as hell (not a dedicated server, but after switching to a similar plan on HawkHost, it's magnitudes faster)

- Pricey, considering what you (don't) get. Private registration is another upcharge, databases are limited, not much flexibility when it comes to .htaccess control

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