back to article Oracle chugs down I/O virtualising Xsigo

Oracle has bought data centre fabric virtualisation start-up Xsigo for who knows how many bucks. Xsigo was founded in 2004, and its products connect servers and networked devices across an InfiniBand fabric based on I/O Director hardware. This is virtualised, so servers operate as if they have a normal, ordinary connection to …


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One of my friends who works at I guess you could call it a blue chip company is migrating off of Xsigo, he says the closer they get to getting off of it the less support calls he gets.

Another friend used to work there(Xsigo), says it's promising tech but very buggy.

seems i/o virtualization in general is still iffy at best - hear a lot of complaints about hp virtualconnect as well, which isn't quite as aggressive as Xsigo. Also heard of a bunch of issues with UCS too.

buggy and storage don't mix well...

I bet oracle didn't pay too much. But I imagine it will drive Xsigo customers away even faster. Oracle of course isn't exactly known to be customer friendly.

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This SDN stuff, if someone gets it right (which they will, eventually), will be the end of Cisco... or at least the end of Cisco being able to lock-in customers at high prices.

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