back to article BT Engage IT big boss goes on whistlestop tour of offices

BT Engage IT says its new chief exec has already done the rounds at the majority of its sites since taking control of the business a little more than a week ago. Richard Lowe was ushered into the big chair after John Thornhill left the telco two weeks ago, after 24 years of working in various roles there. There were claims …


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  1. Magister

    Got to say...

    .. that I do feel a bit sorry for the staff, but I wouldn't use BT Engage for anything. The only time that I had anything to do with them, the people that I was talking to had no idea of what was going on and the more that I talked to them, the less impressed I became with their abilities. It's no good outsourcing work if it ends making more work for your own staff; and quite clearly, we would have been in that situation.

    (When ever I hear about someone doing the rounds of the troops, I can't help but remember Young Mr Grace - "You've all done very well".)

  2. mjwalshe

    Manging Headcount down by using PIP's

    Is standard across all BT how is this news.

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