back to article Gobble gabblers: 'Seagate will put up $1 BEEELION for OCZ'

Reports that HHD Seagate is going to buy OCZ have been around for weeks, but now there's a price tag of a billion bucks being floated around. This comes after last week's rumours sent OCZ stock into overdrive, adding about $68m to the company's share value, according to Reuters. Seagate itself is worth $11bn. Seagate is one of …


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I'd rather see companies like OCZ continue competing for their market share. This will drive (pun intended) innovation and development of new SSD technologies and thus making the step to non-mechanical storage devices sooner rather than later.

The fewer companies produce SSD's, the longer it takes. You think Seagate is just going to give up on their mechanical HDD's like that? Electric car all over again... :(


Will do wonders for Seagate's reputation for reliability!

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