back to article Axe hovers over John Lewis IT jobs

The Reg understands that an "increase in efficiency" at John Lewis's Computer Services team could involve job cuts. Computer Services at John Lewis handles the back-end IT for John Lewis, Waitrose, and It would appear that over 100 jobs in the department are facing the axe. A reader has told us …


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  1. Wheaty73
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    Worked well for RBS didn't it?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Said this before and I'll say it again. They sent a load of jobs at our place to India and within three months, 75% of the people laid off were back as contractors.

  3. Andy Livingstone

    Yummy Cookies

    JL reducing cookies by something like the same might be a step in the right direction. Like the shop, but those cookies...............

  4. TWB

    If they are JL partners...

    I am not sue of the exact set up of JL but I understand all staff are 'partners' and all get a say in the way the company runs (always appeals to me as a bleeding heart liberal/lefty/hippie)

    Are these JL staff or are they contracted out already?

    1. alpine

      Re: If they are JL partners...

      Never knowingly over staffed.

  5. Ru


    I guess outsourcing and offshoring are all a bit too loaded with negative feeling now, and no-one can really say 'rightsourcing' with a straight face.

    I guess they also felt that 'happyshoring' was a little too Dilbertesque, and 'IT Sweatshop' doesn't quite trip off the tongue. A new Partnership with a Capital P it is, then!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    John Lewis Partnership is...

    I think, run by a trust on behalf of its "partners." I doubt that becoming a JL partner means having a job for life because one is now self-employed.

    However it is structured, though, it has long been recognised as, not only a damn nice place to shop, but a damn good place to work. I hope they are not going to do anything to change that, because the moment they make it a less nice place to work, it is going to start becoming a less nice place to shop, with inevitable results.

  7. Oodles of Noodles

    More jobs Away

    I *used* to have a very small (1 person and a salesman) education outfit. We ran very well for several years. In that role I gave courses about some pretty serious messaging software that was used by almost all of the major banks and insurance companies. This was program-to-program not email .

    The last three months of my existence in that role was taken up by giving courses to people who were soon to be made redundant due to their roles having being moved 'off-shore' . I was a regular visitor to places like Canary wharf, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cheadle Hulme, a little place in Hurseley & Portsmouth, Seattle (loved the place), Oklahoma, and many many other places.

    For me it was a very sad period because I understood that not only were the people to whom I was giving the courses to be very unlikely to find another job in either the UK or America, but also because I realised that I was performing my swan-song in this particular field.

    However, in England we survived the cotton industry going to the 'third' world, so perhaps the birth place of the mass produced motor car can survive as well ... as long as we all bank off-shore. :)

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