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A non-volatile memory technical workgroup has been set up by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and NetApp's canned quote on the move sheds a bit more light on the Sunnyvale storage giant's flash thinking. From the wording, it would seem that the storage firm is preparing for its arrays to move fast data storage …


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Better late than never

NetApp seems a bit confused about their Virtual Storage Tiering which they keep calling a cache while you can probably stretch most definitions to suit it seems that something is either a Tier or not or is a cache or not though there is some overlap in functionality the basic operational goals for each product class are different.

But, I can save NetApp a lot of time just grab the EMC caching white papers since this solution of theirs with an external PCIe card sounds pretty familiar to theirs.

Not saying that they shouldn't do it or that they won't do a good job just that it isn't really very ground breaking.

Anonymous Coward

"Most of the big storage vendors are involved . . ."

. . . because they're scared shitless that they won't be able to charge through the nose for spinning rust anymore and are trying to find a way to subvert Flash deployment so that it doesn't eat into their cushy margins.

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