back to article Vodafone Oz pulls claim of Android 4.1 emergency call problems

A blog post from Vodafone Australia alleging a bug in the latest version of Android has been pulled, casting doubt on its claims that emergency calls may not work on the new Jelly Bean edition of Google's mobile OS. The post was made last Thursday, July 19th, when a post titled “Nexus S by Samsung – Android 4.1 update” stated …


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Vodaphone Oz is imcompetent

Mo one inside Vodafone Oz knows very much at all, except they want to work somewhere else...

Anonymous Coward

Re: Vodaphone Oz is imcompetent

Jelly Bean update? Is this because ICS is so flawed they are bringing the next update out so soon.

Whether or not there is a problem with JB is neither here nor there as those with branded handsets will have to wait months for the update, if of course the particular handset actually gets the update anyway.


So Vodafone screwed up, and rather than doing what normal people would do (updating the post with a note that says sorry we screwed up) they deleted it and pretend it never existed, using the catch-all phrase "technical issues" to describe what went wrong.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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A worry, but...

"Samsung's people have been trying to get an answer out of their execs since Friday, but they've been hard to reach in part because they're in court on an Apple-related matter."

I'm sure that there will be a solution to the emergency call problem, if there actually is one; but a problem that seems to be hard to solve is the ridiculous antics of the mobile phone manufacturers in their continuing patent wars.

Result, problems that may affect users are going to be slow in getting fixed, highly paid executives are going to be sitting around in lawyers' offices and court rooms and a general slowdown in actually getting on with what they are paid to do, i.e. run the company.

Surely this is no way to run a business.

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