back to article Dutch payment-by-bonkers bonk payments on the head

The Dutch mobile operator-banking consortium, formed to create a level-playing field for pay-by-wave NFC technology, has broken up. The move leaves networks free to compete while customers wait to see what Apple will offer them. The Dutch consortium intended to provide a consistent platform for wireless NFC app makers, such …


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Why why why?

Pay-by-bonk, I've used (once), with my Barclaycard card, and it worked OK.

But why on earth would I want to pay by bonking my phone, which needs apps/stickers/extra hardware and lets Google or whoever else sneaks an app onto my phone snoop on transactions, when cards work OK.

I'm always going to carry three things in my pockets: keys, wallet, phone. I don't want my phone to become my wallet (I'm always going to need somewhere to put cash, identity cards, scraps of paper, postage stamps, receipts etc so I need a wallet anyway) and I certainly don't want it to become my keys.

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I have a bad feeling about this.

Will these coupons and vouchers be delivered by SMS? Can you imagine the junk that will be delivered to your phone when Google/Visa et al have your phone number?


Re: I have a bad feeling about this.

Google have had my number for three years (in case I need a password reset or similar) and they have never spammed me.

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Oh, boo hoo

"Without a coherent competitor the operators will lose control of mobile payments just as they lost control of ring tones, mobile applications, video calling and (increasingly) voice and text messaging, leaving them with little to do beside sell data by the byte. "

And the farriers stopped being able to charge everybody to maintain their horse and buggy. The ice man no longer cometh, as I can make my own.

Why should the phone companies be able to charge exorbitant rates for things other than pushing packets to my phone? Why should they interpose themselves between me and my phone's ability to play ringtones?


Japan's been doing something similar for years...

...So maybe someone could ask them for advice?

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