back to article Tape juggler gets BILLION FILE capacity

Quantum has raised its StorNext storage virtualisation software's game, adding support for up a billion files, automatic archiving onto tape and tiered tape storage. Meanwhile its share price has abruptly fallen to levels seen two years ago, as if all the recovery work since then has been worthless. StorNext presents a single …


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Anonymous Coward

GPFS already supports 2^64 files in a filesystem, and has been tested with 9 billion already. (2^64 is about 9 quintillion)

Use HSM and the policy engine and you can seamlessly migrate to and from tape (or anything else TSM supports for backend storage, which is just about everything).


Find out the market share of GPFS vs StorNext.. StorNext had the mass market appeal and OS support that others didn't. Probably cheaper and easier to use than anything IBM!

Ultimately StorNext is a good product, still in use in a lot of multimedia based shops from broadcasting to game design, movie production, etc.. Slowly though, large scalable NAS systems like Isilon and others are slowly chipping away at their past dominance.

Add to that Quantum's die'ing business in the form of the DXi and tape. They should split StorNext off into it's own business IMO. It's the only one good product they have left.

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