back to article CumuLogic puffs up Java platform cloud 1.0

CumuLogic, a platform cloud provider founded by some ex-Sunners with Java and cloud expertise, is delivering its first platform cloud layer for public and private infrastructure clouds. Interestingly, it's using a RAM-based utility pricing metric to charge customers for using its wares, a pricing method you should expect to …


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Naming fail

I am sure this article is interesting. And I am sure company is offering something worth something to someone. But seriously, I just couldn't get past the name. CumuLogic, really? I see "Cum u logic", or possibly even "Cum u Log, ic". Yes, I am sure it was supposed to be something else, but it is beer 30 here.

Paris Hilton

Re: Naming fail

Not just you. I can't take any company that initially has it's name read in a vaguely perverted sense seriously from that point on.

I have read that as Cum-U-Logic as well and...just no.

Paris, because...ah I'm not explaining it to you.

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