back to article Apple boss Cook may have stumped up $60m IPAD pay-out

Apple’s IPAD trademark opponent Proview has suggested that CEO Tim Cook may have personally stepped in to fund the $60 million settlement fee paid to the failed monitor company last month. In an interview with Chinese tech title IT-Times, independently translated by The Reg, Proview founder Yang Rongshan said the fee was noted …


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  1. Justin Clements


    /yoda hmmm...the bullshit is strong in this one

  2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    In the words on the Bard

    Much Ado about Nothing.

  3. Xpositor

    If it were true...

    ...I'd love to see the expenses claim!

  4. Sammy Smalls

    Just change the name.

    Not that big of a deal......

  5. Silverburn

    If you can afford to spunk 60m of your own "cash" into a black hole you obviously have far too much of it...

  6. Seanie Ryan


    what a load of absolute crap.

    i'll ge this one lads, ye paid for the last one...

  7. HP Cynic

    Conspiracy nonsense galore!

  8. Andy ORourke

    It's not like

    Apple are short of a Bob or two now is it?

  9. Local Group

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Thanks to Muncaster we now know that Proview Shenzhen is only an affiliate or subsidiary of Proview Taiwan:

    "Apple thought it had bought the rights to the disputed trademark from Proview Taiwan in 2009 for £35,000, but the monitor firm claimed only its Shenzhen affiliate had the legal right to sell the name for use in China."

    According to Dr Johnson's 'Compendium of Useful Wordes of Commerce for a Nation of Shopkeepers', affiliate means: a} a business concern owned or controlled in whole or in part by another concern; b} a subsidiary.)

    And we thought that Taiwan was just the tail waging the dog. Not so. El Reg says Taiwan is the Big Dog himself. The US been good to Taiwan and this is how they repay us and our largest capitalized corp. What ingratitude!

    "The fee was noted by many to be rather close to the $75m dividend pay-out Cook surprisingly declined in May this year."

    He was going to give Proview the full $75m but decided to use $15m of it to hire more barristas and valet parking attendants for the employees.

  10. Alan Denman

    tame tame press.

    Apple never bought the rights.

    The cleverly created company called IP Application Development did!

    Apple simply commissioned them into existance.

  11. El_Fev

    proview got away with a shakedown..

    and they know it, when they realised it was apple and they missed out on a jackpot they played the home company nasty foreigner card to get some more bucks.

    1. Local Group

      Re: proview got away with a shakedown..

      Proview knew it might be a dummy corp sent by Apple when they negotiated the deal.

      The Chinese want everybody to think that they don't have a clue. That way they will continue to clean the clocks of the Western economies.

      If whining American Corps don't like the foreign laws that they are sued under, then they shouldn't do business in those countries that have unfair laws or have Washington send in the Marines, like the English did during the Opium Wars, and change those nasty laws the old fashioned way -- by killing the citizens of that country.

  12. AdamChew

    What a truck load of crap.

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