back to article Pandora plays beta beats downunder

After months of speculation and a dress rehearsal back in 2007, one of the original online music streamers, Pandora, has re-emerged in Australia. Pandora was briefly available in Australia but in May 2007 the service was shut down due to draconian decentralised legal restrictions which meant that licencing was not available …


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Ah Pandora.

Great service killed for most of the world by petty region restrictions. They could have had the market by the bals at this point, instead they now have to play catchup with the likes of spotify.


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Re: Ah Pandora.

No catch-up for me. No Facebook, hence no spotify. Besides, Pandora is way cheaper.


Pandora and Spotify are very different

You can use Spotify like (a perhaps not quite as good) Pandora but Pandora does not have the library, playlist or apps that Spotify has.

When Pandora became available this week I had a play - trying to create an "Acid Jazz" station was a disaster.

The blurb on the "About" page is so buzz/jargon heavy without actually meaning anything or giving any real idea as to how it actually works that it beggars belief that anyone actually buys that Snake Oil. Despite all it's fancy algorithms Pandora had no clue what "Acid Jazz" is. So I fell back on creating a "Jamiroquai" station, at which point the related music that came up on the "station" it created was absolutely spot on.

But when a track came up from an artist I had never heard of but which I liked and wanted to find out more about and listen to more tracks by that specific artist, Spotify was far and away the better service to use for that kind of thing.

Pandora may be a good random music juke-box, but Spotify is the better and more complete overall offering, imho.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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