back to article Cabinet Office names bean counter as chief buyer

The Cabinet Office has anointed a bean counter to the role of Chief Procurement Officer, it confirmed today. The department must be hoping that Bill Crothers lasts longer than his predecessor John Collington who came on board in April 2011 and resigned at the start of this month to join a recruitment firm. The plan is to …


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Beancounters are dreadful at procurement

Because they will always choose the cheapest option, while ignoring the experts telling them it will be more expensive in the long run.


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Anonymous Coward

Weren't they Andersens?

I doubt that he even knows what a bean is, let alone count them!


Re: Weren't they Andersens?

Well he couldn't write a bean that could count could he?

Mines the one with the crap joke book in the pocket ;)


He claimed these suppliers which included HP and IBM were tabling further ideas on ways to cut costs

While keeping their bonuses.

Most attendees favoured the Capita / CSC approach to reduce staff training and sack anyone who has a clue,

this business model has been proven effective across many Gov contracts in the past

Paris Hilton


bean counters are great and fantastic at counting beans

but not so good at anything else


frsth, which bean-cunter is cunting yur beans nw ?

"department must be hoping that Bill Crothers lasts longer than his predecessor John Collington"

"Collington was a chartered accountant at Accenture for 13 years before moving into the Civil Service"

"task set before him is to make government a "more demanding and commercially astute client", said Collington"

"the next phase of the government's commercial programme," said Collington"

editorial diligence required here, no ?

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